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 Description: This example is a more comprehensive, the window of the entire production instance, demonstrates the method of making the tree navigation menu, and implementing steps of various menus in the window, at the same time also demonstrates how to separate window shows that implements a frame type main program with the tree menu window interface, can be widely used in VB development of various kinds of information management system.VB source code examples, perfect in VB6.0 by use environment compiler running.
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codesc.net\树状导航菜单\frm_main.frm 17626 2010-07-08
codesc.net\树状导航菜单\frm_main.frx 346308 2010-07-08
codesc.net\树状导航菜单\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2006-07-05
codesc.net\树状导航菜单\工程1.vbp 800 2010-07-08
codesc.net\树状导航菜单\工程1.vbw 52 2010-10-21
codesc.net\树状导航菜单 0 2018-06-05
codesc.net 0 2018-06-05

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