Title: prjMemory Download
 Description: Multithreaded way to play music in the memory, VB source code, nasty media or music handle relevant knowledge, to read data from memory, open an external file, read into memory and playback, the resource files in MP3 into memory and play, to create a new process, the resource file copy to memory and playback, please pay attention to change the "4576653" to your MP3's actual size in a resource file.
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codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\Bass.bas 49525 2006-10-23
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\bass.dll 92216 2006-01-12
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\cbass_time.cls 3517 2005-09-22
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\frmMemory.frm 8756 2014-12-19
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 194 2006-10-18
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\prjMemory.RES 2153312 2008-02-08
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\prjMemory.vbp 932 2008-02-08
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\prjMemory.vbw 139 2014-12-19
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐\SYNCtest.bas 4697 2006-10-23
codesc.net\VB多线程播放内存音乐 0 2014-12-19
codesc.net 0 2014-12-19

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