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 Description: The sound velocity profile in the ocean waveguide is as shown in the figure below: 0-13 m is the isoacoustic layer, the sound velocity is 1520 MGS, 22-60 m is the isoacoustic layer, the sound velocity is 1490 M / s, 13-22 m is the linear transition layer, the water density is 1 g / ml, the seabed is a liquid semi infinite space, the sound velocity is 1600 M / s, the density is 1.7 g / ml, and the sound absorption is 0.05 dB / wavelength. It is assumed that there is a sound source with a frequency of 300 Hz located underwater 1) The modal functions of the first four normal modes are drawn (the real part and the imaginary part are drawn on the same graph), and the orthogonality of the modal functions is verified
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