Title: Winsckdownloader Download
 Description: VB dedicated download controls support breakpoint continuingly and progress bar, both additional functionality is quite practical, can use this program for software online updates, if network interruption, next time will automatically link to download, and timely show the download progress bar.Do the same download module may refer to the source code.
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codesc.net\Winsckdownloader\ctlwinsckdownloader.ctl 8705 2015-05-21
codesc.net\Winsckdownloader\Form2.frm 4820 2015-05-21
codesc.net\Winsckdownloader\modcommon.bas 8216 2015-05-21
codesc.net\Winsckdownloader\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 193 2009-02-11
codesc.net\Winsckdownloader\Project1.vbp 883 2009-02-11
codesc.net\Winsckdownloader\Project1.vbw 90 2009-02-11
codesc.net\Winsckdownloader 0 2015-05-21
codesc.net 0 2015-05-21

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