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 Description: Flash edge Angle of book advertising source code, flash edge advertising effects, can often see a online advertising effect, with the function of close, by default, open the web page is unfolding conditions can be set up, users click on book after close button in the corner, pack up will display in the upper right corner of the page.
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codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\a.fla 173568 2009-05-31
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\a.swf 26844 2009-05-31
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\ad.swf 16778 2009-05-31
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\ezad0208_240240.swf 7195 2009-05-31
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\index.html 392 2010-10-13
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\js\photo.js 1514 2014-11-26
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\mxd_240_240.swf 7696 2009-05-31
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码\js 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net\flash书角广告代码 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net 0 2014-11-26

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