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 Description: Based on VB6.0 by use msflexgrid function improved extended example - a process of travel management procedures, upgrading and extension on the msflexgrid control function, the program is a demo application, to demonstrate the function of the improved after the msflexgrid, edit mode: one in return all the way to modify below. Double click on the select print before...Defaults to the current date. Note: the data read from the DataList msflexgrid list. TXT file.
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codesc.net\旅行里程\clsTablePrint.cls 41009 2016-02-26
codesc.net\旅行里程\DataList.txt 327 2016-02-26
codesc.net\旅行里程\Form1.frm 31170 2016-02-26
codesc.net\旅行里程\Form1.frx 1090 2007-09-06
codesc.net\旅行里程\Form2.frm 7457 2016-02-26
codesc.net\旅行里程\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 193 2009-01-16
codesc.net\旅行里程\Project1.vbp 1100 2016-02-26
codesc.net\旅行里程\Project1.vbw 140 2009-07-23
codesc.net\旅行里程\TRFFC20.ICO 1078 1998-04-24
codesc.net\旅行里程 0 2016-02-26
codesc.net 0 2016-02-26

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