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 Description: Delphi record statistical procedure Access version, implement performance statistics, convenience and fill in the test table, if the first run can be initialized to delete existing data, in preparation for the next entry.Description: input at ordinary times and press enter after final grade automatically calculate the overall score, statistics, the number of final grade points' section for teacher reference in need.
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codesc.net\CountCJ\CountCJ.cfg 384 2002-12-30
codesc.net\CountCJ\CountCJ.dof 1043 2002-12-30
codesc.net\CountCJ\CountCJ.dpr 217 2002-12-30
codesc.net\CountCJ\countcj.mdb 135168 2004-12-27
codesc.net\CountCJ\CountCJ.res 876 2002-12-30
codesc.net\CountCJ\UnitCountCJ.dcu 15890 2010-04-05
codesc.net\CountCJ\UnitCountCJ.dfm 14564 2010-04-05
codesc.net\CountCJ\UnitCountCJ.pas 10954 2010-04-05
codesc.net\CountCJ\UnitCountCJ.~dfm 14538 2004-12-27
codesc.net\CountCJ\UnitCountCJ.~pas 10714 2004-12-27
codesc.net\CountCJ 0 2015-12-07
codesc.net 0 2015-12-07

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