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 Description: T4 platform index template - Shenlong channel supreme operation points: 1) Trading with the trend, long trend only long not short, short trend only short not long. Concussion trend of multi space two-way operation. 2) Top and bottom positioning. Top selling and bottom buying. The bottom of the long trend band is long and the top of the short trend band is short. Shock range top short bottom do more two-way operation. 3) Double cycle operation improves the efficiency. For example, 15 minutes of multiple orders prompt to find multiple orders in 5 minutes. 4) Background color of software Red is the agent long area, green is the short area, gray is the agent shock area.
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神农通道 0 2021-01-18
神农通道\MHDMT_GRAY_BELT.ex4 13908 2021-01-18
神农通道\MHDMT_XMA.ex4 13270 2021-01-18
神农通道\神龙通道.ex4 25036 2021-01-18

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