Title: 意大利Etna火山InSAR实测的SLC数据 Download
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  • 2020-11-01
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 Description: The SLC data measured by InSAR of Etna volcano in Italy, i.e. SAR complex images of two antennas, in mat format, can be read directly by MATLAB, and then image registration, phase filtering and unwrapping can be carried out
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意大利Etna火山InSAR实测的SLC数据,即两幅天线的SAR复图像,mat格式,可以用MATLAB直接读取后进行图像配准、相位滤波、解缠绕等步骤\etna_dat1.mat 9730410 2008-01-16
意大利Etna火山InSAR实测的SLC数据,即两幅天线的SAR复图像,mat格式,可以用MATLAB直接读取后进行图像配准、相位滤波、解缠绕等步骤\etna_dat2.mat 9728134 2008-01-16
意大利Etna火山InSAR实测的SLC数据,即两幅天线的SAR复图像,mat格式,可以用MATLAB直接读取后进行图像配准、相位滤波、解缠绕等步骤 0 2017-07-01

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