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  • 2020-10-20
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 Description: Function introduction for the EA of brush single holy hand, you can refer to the following points in function setting: Opening direction: you can select the "open multiple orders" and "open empty orders" boxes to control the opening of only multiple orders or only empty orders, or open positions with multiple short positions. Warehouse adding: you can set the multiple of warehouse adding hands, divide the number of layers and set different warehouse adding intervals. To close the position, you can set the average number of profit stop points, or set the total profit balance amount according to different layers. Loading instructions: Loading currency: AUDUSD / NZDUSD / USDJPY / GBPUSD / EURGBP / EURJPY / GBP / JPY Loading cycle: 15m It is suggested that the starting fund should run 0.01 per 1000
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