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 Description: Pipmaker_ V17_ In fact, this strategy has developed four hedging methods: multi (loss) - multi (profit) hedging, empty (loss) - empty (profit) hedging, multi (loss) - empty (profit) hedging, and empty (loss) - multi (profit) hedging. That is to say, when an order goes in the wrong direction, it can be "saved" by the order in the same direction when the market is going back, and it can also be "saved" by the reverse order when the market continues to move forward. In this way, the risk of the account as a whole must be greatly reduced.
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Pipmaker_V17_3 0 2020-10-16
Pipmaker_V17_3\★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法.doc 472622 2020-10-16
Pipmaker_V17_3\Pipmaker_V17_3.ex4 95554 2020-10-16
Pipmaker_V17_3\ppk RSI.ex4 7508 2020-10-16
Pipmaker_V17_3\ppk.ex4 10618 2020-10-16
Pipmaker_V17_3\ppk_MACD_v1.ex4 12570 2020-10-16
Pipmaker_V17_3\ppkMA_v7.1.1.ex4 22370 2020-10-16

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