Title: Python编程:从入门到实践 (2) Download
 Description: This book aims to help you learn Python as soon as possible so that you can write programs that work correctly - Games, data visualization, and web applications - while mastering the basic programming knowledge that will benefit you for life. This book is suitable for readers of any age. It does not require any python programming experience, or even programming experience. This book is written for you if you want to quickly master basic programming knowledge to focus on developing projects of interest and to check your understanding of new concepts by solving meaningful problems. This book can also be used by junior and senior high school teachers to introduce programming to students through development projects.
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Python编程:从入门到实践\Python编程:从入门到实践\上千本各类常用电子书汇总都在这里.png 110224 2020-04-27

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