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 Description: Whale optimization algorithm (WOA) is also a meta heuristic optimization algorithm. A new meta heuristic optimization algorithm (whale optimization algorithm, WOA) is proposed to simulate the hunting behavior of humpback whales. The main difference between the current work and other swarm optimization algorithms is that the random or optimal search agent is used to simulate the hunting behavior, and the spiral is used to simulate the bubble net attack mechanism of humpback whales
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WOA\Get_Functions_details.m 7725 2016-02-10
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WOA\WOA.pdf 2014164 2019-04-28
WOA\WOA.png 232696 2016-02-27
WOA\func_plot.m 3633 2016-02-10
WOA\initialization.m 2043 2018-10-17
WOA\main.m 3663 2018-10-17
WOA 0 2020-02-18

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