Title: Money Pile EA Download
 Description: Platform: metatrader4 Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD Time frame: 30 minutes The starting point of capital is only 1000 US dollars. There is a record of real offer, but there is no position explosion in 10 months. With an ultra-low withdrawal rate of 3.5%, the net profit is 200%, and the average monthly income is 20%. Martin EA is really rare. It does not need to bind any VPS, and does not limit computer account and time. In the annex novel coronavirus pneumonia transaction from 2019.01.01 to 2020.09.01, 20 months of EurUsd trading return test revealed that profits were over 180%, and average monthly profit was more than 9%. However, during the new crown pneumonia outbreak, there was a large floating loss as a result of the financial storm and tsunami. It is suggested that users should stop operation during major natural disasters to ensure safety.
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