Title: 猎鹰趋势EA3.0 Download
 Description: This EA belongs to trend strategy EA, medium and short-term strategy is medium and small trend, medium and long-term strategy is large trend. Two strategies adopt different stop profit and mobile stop loss parameters. As a whole, this EA belongs to the medium and long-term EA. In the market adjustment period, there will be several days of non billing, and the medium and long-term orders will experience a long fluctuation process. Therefore, it is necessary to have enough patience to use this EA.
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猎鹰趋势EA3.0\EA文件\Zcx3.0.dll 7307776 2020-09-28
猎鹰趋势EA3.0\EA文件\猎鹰35B趋势型EA3.0D.ex4 199014 2020-09-28
猎鹰趋势EA3.0\指标文件\猎鹰外汇持仓信息统计指标_3.0.ex4 29610 2020-08-18
猎鹰趋势EA3.0\猎鹰35B趋势型EA说明.docx 262006 2020-09-27
猎鹰趋势EA3.0\EA文件 0 2020-09-21
猎鹰趋势EA3.0\指标文件 0 2020-09-21
猎鹰趋势EA3.0 0 2020-09-28

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