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 Description: Eurussd order brushing strategy: admission is conducted according to Fibonacci callback line, and positions are increased at the pressure or support (the number of positions and hands can be controlled), and the positions are increased according to the current rate and speed of K line. With this EA, any big data market can be ignored. This system will not "intensively add positions" in the middle of the formation of the big positive line or the big Yin line, but will increase the position when the price rises or stops falling. Because it is a position increase type, in a unilateral market, when the price only needs to withdraw 20-30%, it will stop the profit and leave the market! There won't be a few weeks to a few months of resistance. For Martin class EA, the important thing should be the configuration of EA parameters; in addition, it is artificially controlled admission! Give it the greatest confidence and choose the right parameters according to the admission
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