Title: 继电器控制模块 Download
 Description: The pull-in of relay is controlled by GPIO port of MCU. With optocoupler isolation, safe and reliable. It is effective to apply the circuit in person to participate in the electronic design competition.
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5V继电器控制模块DXP资料\继电器控制模块.PcbDoc 136192 2010-08-05
5V继电器控制模块DXP资料\继电器控制模块.PrjPCB 24578 2010-03-09
5V继电器控制模块DXP资料\继电器控制模块.SchDoc 48640 2011-06-04
5V继电器控制模块DXP资料 0 2017-07-27

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