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 Description: Implement a style is concise and the multiple levels of jquery, vertical drop-down menu, based on the lateral of the jquery/vertical drop-down menu code, Js drop-down menu code.Two pages in total including the menu, one is the standard of horizontal menu, when the mouse on the menu items, the menu will to slide out of the secondary sub menu, the other is a short menu, vertically when hovering in the menu, including secondary submenu will slide to the right, you can according to the requirements of your website reference for different types of menus.
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codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码\ddsmoothmenu-v.css 1274 2009-09-27
codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码\ddsmoothmenu.css 2298 2015-05-18
codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码\ddsmoothmenu.js 7007 2009-09-27
codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码\down.gif 854 2009-09-27
codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码\index.html 4332 2015-05-18
codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码\jquery.min.js 55774 2015-05-18
codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码\right.gif 860 2009-09-27
codesc.net\纵向下拉菜单JS代码 0 2015-05-18
codesc.net 0 2015-05-18

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