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 Description: Automatically back to the website at the top of the advertising effects, to implement with two advertising picture, a picture is normal advertising, is a telescopic image, after open the page after the first show normal advertising images, stay for a few seconds after the big image automatic upward contraction, finally displayed in the top of the page, call after telescopic images show, don't know that right.
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codesc.net\首页自动伸缩广告JS代码\images\a.jpg 56131 2010-10-25
codesc.net\首页自动伸缩广告JS代码\images\b.jpg 128296 2010-10-25
codesc.net\首页自动伸缩广告JS代码\index.htm 2046 2014-12-29
codesc.net\首页自动伸缩广告JS代码\images 0 2014-12-29
codesc.net\首页自动伸缩广告JS代码 0 2014-12-29
codesc.net 0 2014-12-29

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