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 Description: Red star animation Flash product discounts, merchandise discount gear animation, Flash, in the upper left corner or the upper right corner of the goods as an ornament, effect of want to be beautiful.Drive, painting effect will turn, there are two Flash source files, one is the application effect, is a gear animation, available in what do you think of the right animation.
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codesc.net\转动的圆形齿轮\A sticker.fla 77312 2008-12-21
codesc.net\转动的圆形齿轮\A sticker.swf 2549 2008-01-07
codesc.net\转动的圆形齿轮\Asticker with window.fla 130560 2008-12-21
codesc.net\转动的圆形齿轮\Asticker with window.swf 23524 2008-01-07
codesc.net\转动的圆形齿轮 0 2014-12-22
codesc.net 0 2014-12-22

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