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 Description: Written in pure C language a tuixiangzi game, is a complete course design information, including source code and documentation, you can run the CMD (DOS), the game a total of four levels, from easy to difficult, at the beginning of each level is, the key processing, reset and exit functions.Tuixiangzi game is currently one of the more popular games, many operating systems or popular software comes with this game.It can exercise the rigor of thinking, and there are a lot of fun.Personally, I prefer to play the game, so, I will take this opportunity to push the box game implemented in C language.Through the game you can learn softirqs, two-dimensional array, keyboard, and graphical functions such as knowledge.Before looking at the code, developers need to master basic display interrupt register Settings.Two-dimensional array and structure, the definition of the keyboard keys for marry graphically display the cursor under the positioning, and some of the use of graphics functions.
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codesc.net\纯C语言写的推箱子游戏\txz.exe 23016 2008-02-26
codesc.net\纯C语言写的推箱子游戏\txz.OBJ 12963 2008-02-26
codesc.net\纯C语言写的推箱子游戏\源文件\txz.c 17205 2014-12-09
codesc.net\纯C语言写的推箱子游戏\课程设计\推箱子游戏课程设计.doc 160256 2008-02-26
codesc.net\纯C语言写的推箱子游戏\源文件 0 2014-12-09
codesc.net\纯C语言写的推箱子游戏\课程设计 0 2014-12-09
codesc.net\纯C语言写的推箱子游戏 0 2014-12-09
codesc.net 0 2014-12-09

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