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  • 2020-08-02
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 Description: DEDEcms dream weaving ckplayer player plug-in, support FLV, f4v, MP4 video format, also supports HTML 5 video playback, the other with the help of a third party resolution (to apply for a free token) can also play video youku, potatoes and so on the website directly.Is also supported video sharing, front ads, pause, and scrolling text ads, the effects of open to turn off the lights, and automatically hide the control bar, full screen control, video ratio control, and other functions.
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codesc.net\dedecmscj_ckplayer_v1.7.0\GB2312\aec7db41085a55eb3daee3e6d8e5a40f.xml 550084 2014-11-25
codesc.net\dedecmscj_ckplayer_v1.7.0\UTF-8\de30f33a0645aa70aaadacc9af58770d.xml 555220 2014-11-25
codesc.net\dedecmscj_ckplayer_v1.7.0\使用说明.txt 1353 2014-11-25
codesc.net\dedecmscj_ckplayer_v1.7.0\GB2312 0 2014-07-14
codesc.net\dedecmscj_ckplayer_v1.7.0\UTF-8 0 2014-07-14
codesc.net\dedecmscj_ckplayer_v1.7.0 0 2014-12-09
codesc.net 0 2014-12-09

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