Title: 《汇编语言(第3版) 》王爽著 Download
 Description: Assembly language is a set of mnemonics of machine instructions provided by various CPUs. People can directly control the hardware system with assembly language. Assembly language is an important foundation of many related courses (such as data structure, operating system, microcomputer principle, etc.). In order to better guide and help readers to learn assembly language, the author carefully created this book with the idea of step by step. This book has the following characteristics: it adopts a new structure to organize the content of the course, to minimize the division of knowledge, and to construct progressive learning clues for readers; to explain the assembly language on the level of in-depth essence; to analyze the key links in-depth. This book can be used as a compilation textbook for undergraduates majoring in computer science and a self-study textbook for readers who want to study computer science in depth.
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