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 Description: # RepNet-Vehicle-ReID Vehicle re-identification implementing RepNet ## Basic principle for vehicle ReID task: </br> Using a two-branch deep convolutional network to project raw vehicle images into an Euclidean space where distance can be directly used to measure the similarity of arbitrary two vehicles. </r> For simplicity, triplet loss or coupled cluster loss is replaced here by arc loss which is widely used in face recognition.
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RepNet-VehicleReID-master 0 2019-02-23
RepNet-VehicleReID-master\ProcessVehicleID.py 11801 2019-02-23
RepNet-VehicleReID-master\README.md 1256 2019-02-23
RepNet-VehicleReID-master\RepNet.png 73518 2019-02-23
RepNet-VehicleReID-master\RepNet.py 55959 2019-02-23
RepNet-VehicleReID-master\RepNet2.png 132000 2019-02-23
RepNet-VehicleReID-master\TestResult.png 88691 2019-02-23
RepNet-VehicleReID-master\VehicleReIDTask.png 173696 2019-02-23

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