Title: 推星星源码素材 Download
 Description: The game of pushing stars is similar to pushing boxes. It requires the player to control the character to push the little stars to the designated position. In the game of pushing stars, the player needs to find out all the stars in a small room with many stars, bricks and boxes on the ground, and push them into the square with a star marker. When the star is pushed against the wall or meets another star, the player can't continue The only way to push the current star is to restart the level. When all the stars are pushed onto the star marker box, this level is completed and the next level is entered
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推星星源码素材\boy.png 6581 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\catgirl.png 7270 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\Grass_Block.png 8244 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\horngirl.png 7186 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\pinkgirl.png 6924 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\Plain_Block.png 3433 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\princess.png 7411 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\RedSelector.png 10418 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\Rock.png 7902 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\Selector.png 10243 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\Star.png 9824 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\starpusher.py 23969 2019-09-25
推星星源码素材\starPusherLevels.txt 58960 2020-06-19
推星星源码素材\star_solved.png 67300 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\star_title.png 93531 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\Tree_Short.png 9771 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\Tree_Tall.png 11546 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\Tree_Ugly.png 10378 2011-06-12
推星星源码素材\Wall_Block_Tall.png 8443 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材\Wood_Block_Tall.png 6011 2011-06-11
推星星源码素材 0 2020-07-08

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