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 Description: OLED, namely organic light emitting diode (OLED), is also known as electromechanical laser display Organic electroluminesence display (OLED). Because it has the characteristics of light weight, power saving, etc., so from Since 2003, this kind of display device has been widely used in MP3 player, and for DC which belongs to digital products With mobile phones, only a few exhibitions have shown the use of OLED screen engineering samples. Since 2007, life expectancy has been To greatly improve, with many LCD incomparable advantages.
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OLED裸屏用户资料\OLED开发设计说明-研发必读-100309(1).pdf 133159 2018-07-10
OLED裸屏用户资料\SAS1-9046-B UG-2864HSWEG01-Univision.pdf 1739946 2009-06-10
OLED裸屏用户资料\SSD1306-Revision 1.1 (Charge Pump).pdf 1876686 2009-01-17
OLED裸屏用户资料\UG-2864HSWEG01 Drawing - 090120B.pdf 119812 2009-02-01
OLED裸屏用户资料\UG-2864HSWEG01 user guide.pdf 521161 2009-02-19
OLED裸屏用户资料 0 2018-07-10

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