Title: HIS_Update Download
 Description: Delphi simulation ihs virus library to update the program automatically, is, of course, only provide a software automatic update of reference, not only can be applied to antivirus software, other programs can also use this module, it is also necessary modules, improving software using the experience of a now a lot of programs, software almost have to upgrade function, written in Delphi software applications of a reference.
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codesc.net\HIS Update\aa.txt 213 2006-03-14
codesc.net\HIS Update\HIS_UPDATE.ini 102 2008-12-04
codesc.net\HIS Update\uftpdown.dcu 2659 2006-12-26
codesc.net\HIS Update\uftpdown.pas 1541 2006-04-16
codesc.net\HIS Update\update.cfg 456 2006-12-26
codesc.net\HIS Update\update.dof 2996 2006-12-26
codesc.net\HIS Update\update.dpr 399 2006-04-20
codesc.net\HIS Update\update.res 12176 2006-12-26
codesc.net\HIS Update\update1.ini 35 2006-03-14
codesc.net\HIS Update\U_main.dcu 13516 2007-03-20
codesc.net\HIS Update\U_main.ddp 51 2007-03-20
codesc.net\HIS Update\U_main.dfm 211720 2006-12-26
codesc.net\HIS Update\U_main.pas 7628 2007-03-20
codesc.net\HIS Update 0 2014-12-01
codesc.net 0 2014-12-01

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