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 Description: Similar FLASH player full screen effect to realize the Fla source file, the page FLASH full screen special effects, can press ESC to exit full screen mode, this example contains a complete set of the Fla source files and HTML example invocation, and contains full screen of the relevant technical specifications and implementation approach.
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codesc.net\用JS实现网页里的Flash全屏功能\fullscreen.fla 211456 2009-06-11
codesc.net\用JS实现网页里的Flash全屏功能\fullscreen.swf 7144 2009-06-11
codesc.net\用JS实现网页里的Flash全屏功能\index.html 6498 2010-10-31
codesc.net\用JS实现网页里的Flash全屏功能\js\swfobject.js 2814 2014-11-27
codesc.net\用JS实现网页里的Flash全屏功能\js 0 2014-11-27
codesc.net\用JS实现网页里的Flash全屏功能 0 2014-11-27
codesc.net 0 2014-11-27

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