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 Description: FLASH 3 d images wall containing fla, stereo style picture wall, each image when switching to the currently displayed, and glaring animation effects, compared to JS based image wall, the effect of the FLASH photo wall more dazzle beautiful oh, sample screenshots effect as shown in the demo screenshot.
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codesc.net\FLASH图片立体墙展示特效(FLA)\4.swf 35972 2009-12-08
codesc.net\FLASH图片立体墙展示特效(FLA)\index.fla 10640896 2010-01-25
codesc.net\FLASH图片立体墙展示特效(FLA)\index.flp 195 2009-12-10
codesc.net\FLASH图片立体墙展示特效(FLA)\index.swf 930129 2010-01-25
codesc.net\FLASH图片立体墙展示特效(FLA) 0 2014-11-27
codesc.net 0 2014-11-27

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