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 Description: Support touch screen can drag Flash as3 buffer menu, containing the FLA file and the AS files, need a certain level of Flash actionscript programming.
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codesc.net\AS3 缓冲拖动菜单(可用于触摸屏)\HtouchScroll.as 3860 2010-05-30
codesc.net\AS3 缓冲拖动菜单(可用于触摸屏)\HtouchScroll.fla 1025024 2010-05-30
codesc.net\AS3 缓冲拖动菜单(可用于触摸屏)\LtouchScroll.as 3903 2010-05-30
codesc.net\AS3 缓冲拖动菜单(可用于触摸屏)\LtouchScroll.fla 1051648 2010-05-30
codesc.net\AS3 缓冲拖动菜单(可用于触摸屏) 0 2014-11-27
codesc.net 0 2014-11-27

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