Title: mouserec Download
 Description: Flash the mouse trajectory screen video program Fla source file, Flash can realize video screen, is very good, started to record, your mouse movement trajectory can be recorded in a row, you can also "play video", and the Flash file is very small, isn't it amazing, Swf files generated on the web can achieve the screen video on the web.
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codesc.net\鼠标屏幕录像\屏幕鼠标录像.fla 217088 2010-08-28
codesc.net\鼠标屏幕录像\屏幕鼠标录像.swf 45734 2010-08-28
codesc.net\鼠标屏幕录像 0 2014-11-27
codesc.net 0 2014-11-27

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