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 Description: Flash Xml ASP environment focus figure by special effects and can be easily embedded into the support ASP pages, such as background management, through the background management focus to add delete figure images, modify text, links and so on.
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codesc.net\韩国风格的焦点图Flash%2BXML\link2.asp 1269 2010-02-05
codesc.net\韩国风格的焦点图Flash%2BXML\main_bn2.fla 44544 2010-02-05
codesc.net\韩国风格的焦点图Flash%2BXML\main_bn2.swf 6027 2010-02-05
codesc.net\韩国风格的焦点图Flash%2BXML\readme.txt 125 2010-02-05
codesc.net\韩国风格的焦点图Flash%2BXML 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net 0 2014-11-26

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