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 Description: Widescreen Flash pictures show the source code, the display control button and the bottom right hand corner, click to play photos, don't click automatically switch, based on the XML configuration files, and can be full screen, on TV, and other functions.Modify the image path and click the link to all operations in the XML.
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codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\large\image01.jpg 51221 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\large\image02.jpg 61348 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\large\image03.jpg 49978 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\large\image04.jpg 76407 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\large\image05.jpg 83786 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\source.xml 798 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\tation_demo.fla 865280 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\tation_demo.swf 74321 2010-07-02
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash\large 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net\tation_demo_flash 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net 0 2014-11-26

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