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 Description: Flash roll Angle advertising effects the source file, on the web page display ads is special, can be rolled up after clicking the close button, click again will spread advertising and state by default.Seen in every big portal Flash website advertising effects, with Fla source files and invoke the sample files.
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codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\a.fla 177152 2010-05-26
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\a.swf 26551 2010-05-26
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\ad.swf 16778 2004-06-08
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\ezad0208_240240.swf 7195 2006-02-13
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\index.htm 315 2014-11-26
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\js\photo.js 1542 2014-11-26
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\mxd_240_240.swf 7696 2006-02-13
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告\js 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net\自动展开的Flash广告 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net 0 2014-11-26

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