Title: Flashads Download
 Description: Expandable, hidden Flash Angle advertising effects, attach the fla source file download, by default, an advertising after open a webpage, can click on the small fork off ads, so advertising will pack up to the top right corner, only occupy a small fraction of web space, in some web portal, you will often see the advertisement effect, especially in some dating SNS website.
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srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\20081223_175605.swf 372725 2008-12-23
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\20081224_164015.gif 6881 2009-01-09
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\blank.gif 123 2008-08-06
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\closer.gif 430 2009-01-09
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\close_little.gif 279 2009-01-09
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\replay_little.gif 278 2009-01-09
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\show.htm 8615 2009-01-09
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images\Thumbs.db 11776 2009-03-17
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\index.htm 378 2017-07-16
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告\images 0 2017-07-16
srcfans.com\可关闭重播的Flash媒体广告 0 2017-07-16
srcfans.com 0 2017-07-16

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