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 Description: An unfinished VB imitation QQ folding menu code, you can click to expand the QQ avatar like the QQ main panel, the function of folding the QQ avatar, the function of folding and unfolding has been realized, but the inside is empty, there is no stuff, so unfinished, keep thinking Friends who make VB folding panels or folding menus can improve themselves.
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codesc.net\仿QQ菜单\1.wav 9156 1998-05-02
codesc.net\仿QQ菜单\22.jpg 14634 2008-08-09
codesc.net\仿QQ菜单\23.jpg 15000 2008-08-09
codesc.net\仿QQ菜单\经典菜单.frm 6458 2014-08-11
codesc.net\仿QQ菜单\经典菜单.frx 60048 2008-08-17
codesc.net\仿QQ菜单\经典菜单.vbp 674 2008-08-17
codesc.net\仿QQ菜单\经典菜单.vbw 52 2008-08-17
codesc.net\仿QQ菜单 0 2014-08-11
codesc.net 0 2014-08-11

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