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 Description: A control to find the host name or IP address of a network computer. This is an example of using the DNSLookUp.ocx control in the VB programming environment. This control can search for a computer by IP, find the host name, search for IP and other functions according to the URL, and run the interface like As shown in the screenshot.
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codesc.net\dnslookup\DNSLOOKUP.oca 10752 1998-11-11
codesc.net\dnslookup\DNSLookUp.ocx 36352 1998-11-17
codesc.net\dnslookup\DNSLookUp.vbp 792 2002-05-29
codesc.net\dnslookup\DNSLookUp.vbw 58 2014-08-11
codesc.net\dnslookup\DnsLookUpForm.frm 7627 1998-11-17
codesc.net\dnslookup\说明文件.txt 34 2008-05-24
codesc.net\dnslookup 0 2014-08-11
codesc.net 0 2014-08-11

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