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 Description: Jetbot is an open source robot developed based on NVIDIA Jetson nano, which can be used by Embedded designers, researchers and DIY manufacturers. The processor part is composed of four core 64 bit armcpu and 128 core integrated NVIDIA GPU, It brings powerful performance and provides a complete desktop Linux environment, and has the support of graphics acceleration, support for NVIDIA CUDA toolkit 10.0, cudnn 7.3 and tensorrt and other features, which makes the platform the only choice to step into the Al learning gate.
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4.AI基础入门\4.1 Web-Jupyter Lab.pdf 843466 2019-09-18
4.AI基础入门\4.2 OpenCV 开源跨平台计算机视觉库.pdf 488278 2019-09-18
4.AI基础入门\4.3 卷积神经网络(CNN).pdf 349650 2019-09-18
4.AI基础入门\4.4 TensorFlow AI框架.pdf 262504 2019-09-18
4.AI基础入门\4.5 Pytorch AI框架.pdf 975876 2019-09-18
4.AI基础入门\4.6 NVIDIA踏进AI领域的三大神器.pdf 595293 2019-09-21
4.AI基础入门\Thumbs.db 61952 2019-10-19
4.AI基础入门 0 2019-12-23

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