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Description: UseCase 1 for rendering image
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[Document2004 nsaf

Description: NSAF Normalized subband FA
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 181248 | Author: ahmed004 | Hits: 0

[Document2004the NLMS Algorithm subband INT

Description: 2004 Improving Convergence of the NLMS Algorithm subband INT
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[Document1988 AR18_1 moulines

Description: article Eric mouline Frequency domain FA
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Description: Pcie5.0 protocol information
Platform: Verilog | Size: 10159104 | Author: 李登 | Hits: 0

[Document合成孔径雷达成像 算法与实现

Description: Synthetic aperture radar algorithm and implementation, national defense electronic information technology series, relatively clear
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Description: National classic learning guide: digital signal processing
Platform: PDF | Size: 6138880 | Author: 四夕梦 | Hits: 0


Description: Medical college teaching reference book: medical chemistry learning guidance and problem solving
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Description: Classic books of CMOS VLSI DESIGN
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[Document数字信号处理教程习题分析与解答 第五版

Description: The solutions of all the exercises in the fifth edition of the digital signal processing course Cheng Peiqing are comprehensive and detailed. There are brief analysis or tips in front of the solutions of each problem.
Platform: PDF | Size: 36152320 | Author: 四夕梦 | Hits: 0


Description: Harmonyos is a future oriented, full scene (mobile office, sports health, social communication, media Entertainment, etc.). On the basis of the traditional single device system capability, harmonyos proposed the basic principle In the same set of system capabilities, the distributed concept of adapting to multiple terminal forms can support multiple terminal devices.
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 1248256 | Author: 紫侠大神 | Hits: 0