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Description: Bk3432 chip is a highly integrated Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode with 2Mbps data rate option. It integrates high-performance RF transceiver, baseband, arm9e core, rich function peripheral unit, PR programmable protocol and profile supporting ble application. The programming manual is used to guide the development of bk3432.
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Description: IP175D VLAN register
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Description: DVB_T Description and blockdiagram
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Description: terrestial digital video 1
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Description: terrestial digital video
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Description: probability mass function
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Description: mathmetical model of WRSM implementing in matlab
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Description: HP54100 oscilloscope, relatively old oscilloscope user manual, the first generation of digital oscilloscope, material is very old
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Description: Use MFC and C + + language to build list control to manage corresponding data, and realize data management in the interface layer, so as to achieve better interaction
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Description: The electromagnetic group rear car program of Freescale intelligent car can complete the Bluetooth communication with the front car, direct acceleration, curve deceleration, S-bend and inner ring control
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[DocumentJDK API 1.8.0

Description: The official jdk-8u241-docs extracts the API and compiles it into a chm file. There is no machine translation to ensure the accuracy of the document information. The content is the official text. If there is a barrier to reading in English, it can be used in conjunction with translation software / websites.
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Description: TMS320F28335 has a high-speed processing capacity of 150MHz, a 32-bit floating-point processing unit, six DMA channels supporting ADC, McBSP and EMIF, with up to 18 PWM outputs, of which six are ti specific higher precision PWM outputs (hrpwm), and 12 bit 16 channel ADC. Thanks to its floating-point operation unit, users can quickly write control algorithms without spending too much time and energy in dealing with decimal operations. Compared with the previous generation of DSC, the average performance is improved by 50%, and compatible with the fixed-point c28x controller software, so as to simplify software development, shorten development cycle and reduce development cost
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