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 Description: % Coronavirus Tracker - Live-Map of Spread - Joshua McGee % Created to track the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) % Data is stored online and is provided via JHU CSSE from various sources including: % "the World Health Organization (WHO), DXY.cn. Pneumonia. 2020, BNO News, % National Health Commission of the People? Republic of China (NHC), % China CDC (CCDC), Hong Kong Department of Health, Macau Government, Taiwan CDC, US CDC, % Government of Canada, Australia Government Department of Health, % European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and Ministry of % Health Singapore (MOH)" % data set is updated every day and an additional column is added for the % previous days data
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livemapcovid19 0 2020-03-26
livemapcovid19.m 6107 2020-03-25
livemapcovid19\COVID-19_spread.mp4 6831064 2020-03-25
livemapcovid19\license.txt 1479 2020-03-25
livemapcovid19\livemapcovid19.m 6107 2020-03-25

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