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 Description: Major update of quartus 18.01 cracking tool since quartus 17.1: 1. The device library of Stratix 10 series has been added (produced by Intel true 14nm process, the core speed is 1GHz directly, known as the fastest FPGA in the world) 2. It integrates HLS compiler (free), which is used to develop FPGA in C / C + +. It is mainly used for signal processing and / or scientific computing design applications. There are some differences between it and OpenCL (free), which is also used to develop FPGA in C / C + +. 3. Change the names of some functions integrated in quartus to make it easier for users, especially beginners, to understand the use of these functions: Old name new name Blueprint Interface Planner Qsys Platform Designer EyeQ Eye V
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DSP_Builder_64位破解器_Windows版_密码12345.rar 32429 2018-05-11

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