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 Description: The eigenvalues are scalar values, while the eigenvectors are non-zero vectors, which represent the principal components, i.e. each eigenvector represents one principal component
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08048463.pdf 645847 2020-02-07
A Critical Review of Practices and Challenges in Intrusion Detection Systems for IoT_ Toward Universal and Resilient Systems.pdf 939938 2020-02-07
A Game Theoretical Framework on Intrusion Detection in Heterogeneous Networks.pdf 330553 2020-02-07
An FPGA-Based Network Intrusion Detection Architecture.pdf 933377 2020-02-07
Intrusion Detection Systems_ A Cross-Domain Overview.pdf 5777643 2020-02-07
MSML_ A Novel Multilevel Semi-Supervised Machine Learning Framework for Intrusion Detection System.pdf 1566100 2020-02-07
On the Vital Areas of Intrusion Detection Systems in Wireless Sensor Networks.pdf 1420991 2020-02-07

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