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  • Communication
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  • C/C++
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  • 2048
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  • 2020-02-12
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  • Shaowq
 Description: NI-XNET only provides the C language API, which cannot be directly called by .net, VBA and other high-level languages. This library function encapsulates the C language API in a library function. .net, VBA and other high-level languages can implement CAN communication by calling library functions
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NiCanDrv\include 0 2020-02-12
NiCanDrv\include\NiCANDrv.h 884 2019-11-27
NiCanDrv\source 0 2020-02-12
NiCanDrv\source\NiCANDrv.c 4407 2019-11-27

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