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 Description: AC algorithm framework is widely used in practical reinforcement learning algorithm, which integrates value function estimation algorithm and strategy search algorithm. It is the most commonly considered framework to solve practical problems. The well-known alphago uses the AC framework. Moreover, the most popular A3C algorithm, ddpg algorithm and PPO algorithm in the field of reinforcement learning are all AC frameworks. We will summarize the development of AC algorithm and introduce the most concerned A3C algorithm and PPO algorithm
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A3C 0 2019-04-08
A3C\A3C_continuous_action.py 8158 2019-01-21
A3C\A3C_discrete_action.py 7894 2019-01-21
A3C\A3C_distributed_tf.py 9199 2019-01-21
A3C\A3C_RNN.py 9429 2019-01-21

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