Title: 普中51仿真器驱动及使用说明 Download
 Description: The 51 microcontroller is the general name for all the SCM compatible with the Intel 8031 instruction system. The first ancestor of this series of singlechip is the 8004 singlechip of Intel. Later, with the development of Flash ROM technology, the 8004 MCU has made great progress, and it has become one of the most widely used singlechip.
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普中51仿真器驱动及使用说明\difxapi.dll 319456 2016-07-18
普中51仿真器驱动及使用说明\setup_x64.exe 20984832 2016-07-19
普中51仿真器驱动及使用说明\setup__x86.exe 25415168 2016-09-19
普中51仿真器驱动及使用说明\普中51仿真器使用说明书.doc 870400 2016-10-13
普中51仿真器驱动及使用说明\普中51仿真器简介.doc 20480 2016-07-19
普中51仿真器驱动及使用说明 0 2017-06-22

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