Title: MFCC Download
 Description: This is the speech recognition using MFCC feature parameters instituted procedures for voice
  • [mfcc] - MATLAB development of voice recognition
  • [mfcc] - used language voice characteristic param
  • [DSP-5] - DSP-based image processing information--
  • [PCXLIB] - This procedure includes voice compressio
  • [mfcc] - A voice feature extraction algorithm MFC
  • [MFCC] - Write their own audio signal MFCC extrac
  • [mfcc] - How to use matlab to extract MFCC featur
  • [mfcc] - mfcc mel cepstral coefficient learning.
  • [fenzhenchuli] - Speech feature extraction, such as zero
  • [pocketsphinx-0.5.1] - this pocket sphinx is the sphinx version
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