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 Description: This work uses DAC0832 as a voltage signal output. The DAC0832 is a monolithic current output 8-bit digital-to-analog converter fabricated in a CMOS process. The DAC0832 has three operating modes: no buffering, single buffering, and double buffering. Because the output voltage range is 10V, VREF reference voltage range is -10V---+10V, the reference voltage can be 5.12V, so that the resolution of the 8-pin output voltage of the DAC0832 is: that is, every D/A input data terminal increases by 1 The voltage increases by 0.02V. The voltage output of D/A is terminated to the input of amplifier OP27. The amplification of the amplifier is 5 to obtain the voltage resolution of the output voltage: 0.02V*5=0.1V. When the voltage is adjusted, it is 0.1V at a time. The gradient increases or decreases the voltage.
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