Title: 基于_matlab_的光伏电池半物理仿真系统的研究 Download
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 Description: Research on Photovoltaic Battery Semi-Physical Simulation System Based on Matlab In this paper, a simplified mathematical model of photovoltaic panels is derived in principle, and the operating rules of photovoltaic panels under shadow conditions are analyzed and improved to obtain a more complete photovoltaic panel model. The photovoltaic cell model was modeled and simulated in Matlab/Simulink, and the PV cell V-I, V-P characteristics were obtained on the PC. Finally, the photovoltaic cell model established by Matlab/Simulink on the PC is interacted with the actual amount through the AD/DA board, providing feasibility and rationality for the semi-physical simulation of building photovoltaic system energy on Matlab/Simulink.
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