Title: 依仁测绘工具V1.0 Download
 Description: inishing a Cass drawing program - according to the mapping tool, now, welcome to download. According to the main function of Surveying and mapping tools: contour assignment; and elevation contour; contour and contour elevation point intelligent; inspection; encryption elevation point elevation point; Z value revising; elevation point and contour (check point and line checking contradiction contradiction); automatic shift of elevation points; automatic shift elevation note; filled symbols sparsing; filled symbols locally replace fill symbols; partial deletion; gland filled symbols moving; independent object plotting; linear object plotting; area volume statistics; statistical data file processing batch length. According to the survey tool exchange group: 650896184
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依仁测绘工具V1.0\Setup.exe 5716737 2018-03-12
依仁测绘工具V1.0\使用说明.doc 30208 2018-03-11
依仁测绘工具V1.0\依仁测绘工具V1.0用户说明.doc 2525184 2018-03-12
依仁测绘工具V1.0 0 2018-03-12

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